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Iridium Emergency 300-min

Iridium Emergency 300-min

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The Iridium Emergency 300-min voucher provides global satellite voice & messaging service. It's Iridium's least expensive 1-year global plan.

This service plan is most optimal for users who need their satellite phone to be always active but keep it for occasional or emergency use and don't plan to operate it regularly.


  • Airtime credit equivalent to 300 minutes of regular outbound calls
  • Service duration: 1 year
  • Unused minutes do not roll over and will expire upon anniversary
  • This voucher cannot be combined with other Iridium service plans
Cost of INCLUDED airtime
Outbound voice calls
to landlines & mobile phones 2.42
to Iridium phones & voicemail 1.21
to other satellite systems 21.78
Inbound calls
Direct calls FREE
Two-stage dialing calls (What's this?) 2.42
Outbound data calls
Direct Internet Data 2.42
to landlines, mobile & Iridium phones 2.42
Text Messages (SMS)
Outbound, US$/ea. 0.24
Inbound FREE

Purchase and use of Iridium prepaid accounts and vouchers are subject to our Prepaid Account & Voucher Rules, please review them carefully.

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