Iridium Prepaid Account & Voucher Rules

By purchasing and activating an Iridium prepaid SIM-card (“Prepaid Account” or “Account”) supplied by Sattrans USA, LLC (“Service Provider” or “Provider”) and loading prepaid airtime vouchers (“Voucher” or “Vouchers”) on Accounts, the Customer agrees, in addition to SATTRANS Terms and Conditions of Sale, to the following terms, provisions and conditions:

SERVICE PROVIDER is authorized by Iridium Communications Inc. (McLean, Virginia, USA), the satellite network operator, to provide customers with the access to use the Iridium’s satellite network, telephone numbers and SIM-cards.

SERVICES. Satellite telecommunications services including but not limited to voice telephony, text messaging, data transfer, roaming via the Iridium satellite network, which are used by the Customer and its authorized user(s).

SIM-CARD. An electronic device with a unique identifier (based on a microchip) that is used by the Customer to register its satellite terminal in the Iridium satellite network and to obtain access to Services. Information about the prepaid account, its balance, validity time, rules of prepaid units' usage is associated with the respective SIM-card and administered by the network operator (Iridium Communications Inc.)

ACTIVATION & RELOADS. To prevent unauthorized use of Customer account(s), the Provider shall only activate a prepaid account or reload a voucher upon receiving a formal request in writing or over the phone from the Customer or its authorized user(s). The Provider will attempt to verify such requests and may delay activation or reloading until the verification is completed.

PREPAID UNITS' USAGE. Prepaid units are consumed as the Customer uses the prepaid account(s). The usage burn rate of prepaid units is based on the type of services used (voice calls, text messages, two-stage dialing, etc.) and account’s tariff plan (Global, Emergency, regional tariffs, etc.). More information on the burn rate can be viewed on the Provider’s website or requested by contacting the Provider.

The current account balance and validity time is available to Customer by 1) dialing 2888 (toll-free) or sending a free text message (SMS) to 2888 from their Iridium satellite phone, 2) contacting the Provider.

Undeliverable text messages (SMS) from errors unrelated to the Iridium network such as problems with mail filters, mailbox overflows, or incorrect addresses are billable and not refundable.

ACCOUNT VALIDITY TIME. The account’s initial Validity Time is equal to the initial voucher’s validity time from the date of account activation. Each additional voucher that is added to a rechargeable account prior to the current expiration date will extend the account validity time by the new voucher’s validity time up to the Maximum Account Validity, which varies from 1 year to 2 years depending on the prepaid plan. More information on Account Validity Time.

PREPAID UNITS' ROLLOVER. When the validity time of a rechargeable account is extended by recharging a new voucher, all unused prepaid units will roll over and will be valid until the new account validity period ends or until their Maximum Age Limit (see below) is reached, whichever comes first.

MAXIMUM AGE LIMIT. Prepaid units are consumed on a "first-in first-out" basis. All prepaid units on rechargeable accounts have the Maximum Age Limit (MAL) that limits the period of time during which the units can be used. The MAL for most Iridium prepaid vouchers is three (3) years from the date of voucher recharge. (Except for Global 4000-min which has a four (4) year MAL). Any unused prepaid units that exceed their MAL are automatically expired by Iridium from the prepaid account. More information on Maximum Age Limit.

ACCOUNT EXPIRATION. If a prepaid account is not extended by a new airtime voucher BEFORE its current expiration date, the account will expire and enter the 270-day Grace Period (see below). Upon account expiration, ALL unused minutes will be expired from the account and the account will have zero (0) balance. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES expired prepaid units can be restored.

GRACE PERIOD. The Grace Period is 270 days from the date of account expiration. No inbound or outbound calls, text or data connections are possible during the Grace Period. During this period, a new airtime voucher can be purchased and recharged to the same account (SIM-card) without incurring a reactivation fee. The new account balance and validity time will be equal to those associated with the new voucher. To re-activate the same SIM-card after the Grace Period, a $275 reactivation fee must be paid, NO EXCEPTIONS. Preservation of the same Iridium phone number is NOT guaranteed after the Grace Period ends.

TARIFF PLAN CHANGE. Customers can change their current account’s prepaid plan by purchasing a voucher for the new prepaid plan. In the event of such a change, unused prepaid balance and validity time from the previous voucher DO NOT transfer to the new plan.

SIM SWAP. If a Customer’s prepaid SIM-card is lost or damaged, the account’s unused balance and validity time can be transferred to a new SIM-card after paying a $100 SIM transfer fee. In case of SIM loss or theft, the Customer must immediately report the incident to the Provider to prevent unauthorized use of the account(s).

NO REFUNDS. The Customer agrees that the purchase of prepaid airtime vouchers is a non-refundable up-front purchase, and after a prepaid voucher is applied to the Customer’s prepaid account or otherwise electronically delivered to the Customer, that there is no refund for unused prepaid service or unused validity time.

LIABILITY. Provider shall not be liable for any loss or expiration of prepaid units caused by the circumstances beyond Provider’s control. Such circumstances may include but are not limited to:

  • Customer’s failure to order a new voucher from Provider to extend the validity of its account(s) at least three (3) business days before the account expiration date,
  • Changes and modifications to the rules of prepaid units’ administration (expiration, usage, burn rate, etc.) implemented solely by the network operator Iridium Communications Inc,
  • Unauthorized use of the account(s) due to loss or theft of Customer’s SIM-card(s) before reporting the incident to Provider,
  • Force majeure situations, such as fire, flood, strikes, earthquake, government acts, war and other acts which occur beyond the will of the Provider.

Last Update: 25 December 2022