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Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone

Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone

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Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone works anywhere on Earth and provides the most reliable voice and messaging satellite service in remote areas.

Iridium Extreme is the toughest and most rugged satellite handset on the market with military grade durability and IP-65 rated protection for the most demanding customers.


  • Voice & data services, text messaging, short-burst data (SBD)
  • Built-in GPS for Location-based services:
    - Share GPS location via SMS / email
    - Real-time tracking, geo-fencing (via SBD and Web portal)
    - Programmable SOS button (SEND Compliant)
    - compatible with IERCC (former GEOS) (registration required)
  • Global, pole-to-pole coverage via 66 Low-orbit satellites
  • Military Grade (MIL-STD 810F) durability
  • Dust proof, jet water resistant (IP65)
  • Smarthphone & tablet Wi-Fi access via the Optimizer
  • Vehicle, marine and indoor use via compatible docking stations
  • Size: 5.5 x 2.4 x 1.1 in (140 x 60 x 27 mm)
  • Weight: 8.7 oz (247 g)
  • In-hand ergonomics with diamond-tread rubber grip
  • Top mounted Speakerphone and wind-resistant microphone
  • Headset/Hands-free ready
  • Battery: up to 30 hours of standby time, 4 hours of talk time
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

In the box:

  • Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone (p/n CPKT2101, old: CPKTN1901, CPKTN1701, CPKT1101)
  • Standard Rechargeable Battery 2300 mAh
  • AC Wall (Travel) Charger 110—220V
  • International plug kit
  • Antenna, Power & USB Adapter
  • Power & USB Adapter
  • USB to MiniUSB Data Cable
  • Car Charger (Auto Accessory Adapter)
  • Magnet-mount antenna with 1.5m cable
  • Leather Holster
  • Hands-free headset
  • Quick Start Guide, SOS, Safety Information
  • Prepaid SIM-card (if plan ordered)

Prepaid service plans

You can choose an Iridium prepaid plan according to your needs, budget and the region of use. No monthly fees, no credit checks, no deposits, no overage charges! Review the plans below and pick one on the top of this webpage.
Plan Validity Price Cost of included airtime
Iridium 2-stage SMS
Emergency 300-min 1 year $749 $719 2.42 1.21 2.42 0.24
Global 100-min 30 days $199 1.99 1.00 1.99 0.20
Global 200-min 6 months $579 $559 2.90 1.45 2.90 0.29
Global 600-min 1 year $849 $819 1.42 0.71 1.42 0.14
Global 4000-min 2 years $3,299 $3,199 0.83 0.42 0.83 0.08
Alaska/Canada 200-min 6 months $379 1.90 1.43 2.85 0.95
Alaska/Canada 500-min 1 year $749 $719 1.50 1.13 2.25 0.75
Latin America 200-min 6 months $360 1.80 0.90 1.80 0.90
Latin America 500-min 1 year $620 $600 1.24 0.62 1.24 0.62
Middle East Africa 500-min 1 year $480 0.96 0.90 1.80 0.60

  • The Emergency 300-min Plan is the least expensive long-term plan and is perfect for emergency or occasional use throughout the year. Unused minutes expire annually.
  • Global Plans feature a flat rate for the entire Iridium coverage area, offer various validity and bundle options and support anytime recharging and rolling over of unused balance.
  • Northern Lights Plan provides discounted airtime rates for customers using their Iridium phones in Canada and Alaska.
  • Latin America Plan offers discounted airtime rates for customers using Iridium satellite phones in South & Central America (not including the Caribbean).
  • Middle East Africa Plan offers discounted airtime rates for customers using Iridium satellite phones the African continent.

For all plans:

  • All inbound calls are free for the Iridium subscriber (the calling party pays!), except for two-stage dialing calls.
  • Rates for outbound calls to other satellite phone systems are significantly higher.
  • Each voucher has a validity term, which commences upon the voucher's activation. All prepaid minutes and other airtime will expire upon the end of the validity term, unless a new voucher is loaded to the account before the expiration date. If a voucher is not extendable, all minutes will be forfeited on the expiration date.
  • By purchasing and using Iridium prepaid SIM-cards, airtime vouchers and services, you agree to SATTRANS Iridium Prepaid Account & Voucher Rules.
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