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Thuraya PREPAY Plan SIM

Thuraya PREPAY Plan SIM

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Thuraya PREPAY Plan SIM provides flat calling rates throughout the Thuraya coverage in Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia.

IMPORTANT! Thuraya satellite service is NOT available in North & South America. Consider Iridium satellite phones instead.

Thuraya PREPAY comes with:

  • $10 of preloaded airtime
  • 1 year of account validity
  • Activated services: voice, messaging, GmPRS data, voicemail

Calling Rates:

Call Type & Destination
Rate, per min.
Thuraya, Voicemail, Dial-Up 1722
Most destinations, Band 1
Band 2, Globalstar
Catch-All, Iridium, Inmarsat
GmPRS Packet Data
Outgoing Text Messages (SMS)
Incoming calls & messages
  • All calls are charged at 60 second increments, GmPRS - at 100-Kb data blocks.

Account Validity:

  • Thuraya PREPAY plan has initial validity of one (1) year from first call.
  • Annual Renewal Fee: $39.00
  • If the account balance is below $39 at the renewal time, the account enters the 90-day grace period. Incoming calls are still possible.
  • If the account is reloaded within the grace period, the existing balance will be restored.
  • If the account is NOT reloaded within the grace period, the entire unused balance will be reset to zero and the account will be permanently deactivated.

Destination Bands

  • The majority of world countries and territories fall in Band 1 destinations.
  • The countries, territories and other satellite systems mentioned below correspond to Band 2 and Catch-All destinations. Calling to those destinations will result in a significantly higher calling rate and faster depletion of your Thuraya prepaid balance.
East Timor
Globalstar (satellite)
Inmarsat A
Inmarsat B
Inmarsat M
Inmarsat mini M

Australia Satellite
Cook Island
Diego Garcia
Inmarsat BGAN
Inmarsat BGAN HSD
Inmarsat B-HSD
Inmarsat M4-HSD
Iridium (satellite)
Nauru Island
Samoa Western
Sao Tome
Solomon Island
St. Helena
Wallis and Futuna
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