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SATTMail Satellite Email Data

SATTMail Satellite Email Data

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SATTMail is a suite of apps and data compression services that efficiently deliver email, weather files, compression web-browsing over satellite data connections.

Traditionally, satellite communication has a lot of hurdles: uncompressed email and web-browsing over a slow satellite connection means long wait times and, with that, expensive satellite airtime bills. SATTMail, which is based on XGate technology, solves those problems as it compresses and accelerates data transfers.


  • Speeds up email, web browsing, weather and news gathering over low-band satellite phone connections.
  • Helps to save money by optimizing data transfers, thus reducing satellite airtime usage.
  • Required for many Wi-Fi solutions, such as the RedPort Optimizer, SATTRANS Thuraya Wi-Fi CommStation, etc.
  • Compatible with virtually all satellite data-capable terminals: Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat, Globalstar, MSAT, VSAT, etc.

How to activate SATTMail:

  • You will receive activation instructions by email after completing your purchase.

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