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IsatPhone 30 days / 0 mins

IsatPhone 30 days / 0 mins

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The Inmarsat IsatPhone 30-day extension voucher extends the validity of your active Inmarsat prepaid account (SIM) that was supplied by Sattrans USA.


  • 30 days of validity to extend your existing airtime balance


  • Multiple 30-day vouchers can be combined to extend the validity of your Inmarsat account by the cumulative validity time.
  • The 30-day voucher can only be applied to prepaid accounts that have unused prepaid balance. Otherwise more prepaid units must be recharged first.

IMPORTANT! Purchase airtime vouchers here ONLY if you have an IsatPhone SIM-card that was previously supplied and activated by Sattrans USA. We cannot administer other providers' SIM-cards. If you don't have a SIM with Sattrans USA, you can always purchase a new IsatPhone prepaid plan.

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