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AC Travel Charger for Iridium Extreme 9555 9505A PTT

AC Travel Charger for Iridium Extreme 9555 9505A PTT

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The Iridium AC Travel Charger provides rapid charge to the Iridium battery in Extreme (9575), 9555, Extreme PTT and 9505A handsets via AC electric wall outlet.


  • Compatible Iridium handsets:
    - Extreme 9575
    - 9555
    - Extreme PTT
    - 9505A
  • Allows use of the phone while recharging battery.
  • Battery Charge Time to 90% capacity is 3 hours at 25 C (77 F).
  • For optimum performance only charge your battery between 0 C (32 F) and 40 C (104 F).
  • Fast charge will be complete in about 3 hours 15 minutes.


  • Input 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
  • Output 6V DC, 850mA
  • Operating temperature 0-40 C
  • Operating altitudes: up to 5,000 m ASL

In the box

  • AC Power Adapter, p/n ACTC1801 or ACTC0901 (old p/n ACTC1601)
  • International Plugs Kit, p/n IPK1901 or IPK0601 (old p/n IPK1801)
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