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Iridium Global 75-min

Iridium Global 75-min

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Iridium Global 75-min voucher recharges Iridium Global prepaid accounts (SIM-cards).

IMPORTANT! This prepaid voucher will be discontinued on 31 December 2022. If you purchase it now, it must be recharged to your Iridium account by that date.


  • Airtime credit equivalent to 75 minutes of outbound calls
  • Account validity extension: 30 days
  • Rollover of the existing prepaid balance (if recharged before account expiration)
Outbound voice calls
to landlines & mobile phones 2.50
to Iridium phones & Voicemail 1.25
to other satellite phones 22.50
Inbound calls
Direct calls FREE
Two-stage dialing calls 2.50
Outbound data calls
Direct Internet Data 2.50
to landlines, mobile & Iridium phones 2.50
Text Messages (SMS)
Outbound, US$/ea. 0.25
Inbound FREE

Purchase and use of Iridium prepaid accounts and vouchers are subject to our Prepaid Account & Voucher Rules.

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