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Iridium Global Prepaid SIM Plan

Iridium Global Prepaid SIM Plan

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Prepaid Voucher

The Iridium Global Prepaid Plan is an efficient way to use Iridium satellite service without monthly fees, credit checks, unexpected service charges or security deposits.

Iridium prepaid SIM-cards can be used for prepaid service with any Iridium satellite phone or terminal (9555, Extreme 9575, GO! terminals and older 9500, 9505, 9505A handsets) regardless of whether the phone itself was or wasn't purchased from Sattrans.

Voucher Validity Time Price Voice & Data $/min. To Iridium $/min. Text $/ea.
75-min 30 days $165 2.20 1.10 0.22
150-min 90 days $385 2.57 1.28 0.26
200-min 6 months $528 2.64 1.32 0.27
600-min 1 year $795 1.33
3000-min 2 years $2,999 1.00 0.50 0.10
5000-min 2 years $4,199 0.84 0.42 0.09

Iridium GO! Prepaid Plans can be ordered here.

Key notes:

  • All incoming calls are free for the Iridium subscriber (but not for the caller!), except for two-stage dialing calls, which are charged at the regular outbound call rate.
  • Rates for outbound calls to other destinations such as other satellite systems, premium numbers, etc. are higher.
  • Each prepaid voucher has Validity Time, a period of time by which the voucher extends the validity period of the Iridium prepaid account. All prepaid minutes and other airtime will be expired from the account upon the end of the validity time term, unless a new voucher is recharged to the account before the expiration date.
  • Maximum Age Limit: a period of time during which the minutes from a prepaid voucher can be kept on the prepaid account and used by the subscriber. The age limit for most Iridium vouchers is 3 years. Read more...
  • Do not purchase a new plan if you want to add more minutes to or extend your existing Iridium account with Sattrans. Get a new Iridium airtime voucher instead.

By purchasing and using Iridium prepaid SIM-cards, airtime vouchers and services, you agree to SATTRANS Iridium Prepaid Account & Voucher Rules.

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