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Iridium SIM Reactivation

Iridium SIM Reactivation

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SIM Reactivation Fee reactivates deactivated Iridium SIM-cards.

If your Iridium prepaid account expired more than 270 days ago, the reactivation fee must be paid to recharge a new prepaid voucher on your account (on the same SIM-card). In this case, you should purchase this item together with a new Iridium prepaid airtime voucher (add both to shopping cart).

Your existing Iridium phone number is not guaranteed to be preserved. If your old phone number is not available, we will assign a new phone number to your Iridium SIM-card.

If you prefer not to pay the reactivation fee, you can purchase a new Iridium prepaid plan with a new SIM-card, which will be mailed to you. Purchase a new prepaid voucher and indicate that you want a new SIM-card.

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